Altering Of Consciousness

Drugs and alcohol are so prevalent in our society because they alter our reality and make us feel good. Even as children, we look for an altered state of consciousness, and it seems to be somewhat inborn that we desire the "change of our perception". Now when I say this I am not speaking of children on drugs, because there are natural ways to alter your consciousness without substance. For instance, kids love to spin round and round and hang upside down. Well, if you can remember doing this as a child, this is an altering of consciousness and perception.

Many adults, even those who are not addicted to a substance find ways to alter consciousness, things like sky diving and race car driving provide the almost euphoric experience that adds some excitement and an adrenaline rush to an otherwise mundane existence.

Even things like meditation and prayer offer some the altered consciousness they seek. This is why drugs and alcohol are so prevalent in our society. No one who begins taking a drug thinks that they are going to become a drug addict or an alcoholic. No one says to themselves today will be the first day of the downward spiral of my life, it is a gradual progression that starts with an innocent seeking out of an altered consciousness and ends in withdrawal symptoms, intolerable cravings, and in some cases even death.

The stigma of being a drug addict makes us think that these people are bad people, but in reality they are just choosing what many people in our society are choosing, an altering of the mind, that makes life a little more bearable and a little bit more tolerable. The way they are choosing to do it, is killing them, and they need to find ways to make their lives better, so that being present in their own bodies isn't so painful. This is really the only way to cure an addict, otherwise, if their lives stay the same painful mess that they have always been, then they will turn to substances to escape time and time again.